Where is Bulldog Power available?

Bulldog Power is available at independent retailers around the country, Londis, Central Convenience, Poundland, Poundworld and Poundstretcher stores. If it’s not at your local store, spread the word and ask why not?!

How can I buy Bulldog Power now?

You can buy all Bulldog Power variants from our website shop, click here .

How can I have Bulldog Power in a store near me?

Please fill in the form on the contact page, giving us your name, postcode and email address and we will do the rest! We will then keep you updated of when it is available in that store.

Ingredients & Taste

Why does Bulldog Power taste the best?

Bulldog Power has mixed fruit flavouring so doesn’t have a bad or lingering aftertaste that many energy drinks have. Our reduced sugar and amino acids result in more palatable energy drink.

Does Bulldog Power really have no bad aftertaste?

Yes! Bulldog challenges you to find a better tasting energy drink! 

What are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)?

The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) include leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and they are part of the support system for many things, from muscle building to high intensity endurance training, to improving mental function and mood. They are part of the 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot make on its own.

The BCAAs make up 40% of the daily requirement of all nine amino acids (so they are the real deal).

What are the benefits of Branched Chain Amino Acids?

They reduce fatigue, have been shown to benefit mood and mental function, improve training motivation especially when fatigued, prevent muscle soreness, promote protein synthesis (the process by which cells construct proteins), stop the breakdown of muscle cells, allow for a longer and harder workout and much more!

The BCAAs make up 40% of the daily requirement of all nine amino acids (so they are the real deal).

What do you mean by ‘reduced sugar’?

Bulldog Power Regular has up to 9g less sugar per 250ml compared with other energy drinks on the market such as the current market leader.

Bulldog Power appeals to and satisfies a much broader market, including those who are increasingly conscious of their sugar intake.

What is Taurine?

Exercising often creates an imbalance where the body is unable to detoxify the harmful effects of free radicals produced within the body, this is known as oxidative stress.

Taurine is an antioxidant which studies have shown to prevent oxidative stress induced by exercise, essentially neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals.

How much caffeine does Bulldog Power have?

Bulldog Power Regular and Sugar Free both contain 31.5mg of caffeine per 100ml.

Is Bulldog Power Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal certified?

Yes, Bulldog Power is Vegan and produced at a factory certified by the Vegetarian & Halal Food Council of Europe.

How many calories does Bulldog Power have?

Bulldog Power Regular contains 72.5 calories per 250ml can.

Bulldog Power Sugar Free contains 2 calories per 250ml can.

We love Bulldog Power! Will there be more flavours?

Bulldog is constantly experimenting with ingredients for his next new formula. If you have any great ideas for our next flavour, please email your suggestions to: info@bulldogpower.co.uk.


Are there any age restrictions for the consumption of energy drinks?

There are no legal age restrictions but we recommend that Bulldog Power is not consumed by children under the age of 16. The effect of an energy drink on a person will vary by factors such as their tolerance to caffeine and weight.


What is ‘Finding the Underdog’?

As Bulldog himself is an Underdog, he is on a mission to find UK’s Underdogs and showcase their talent on our website and social media. The winner will get a £5,000 cash prize along with talent mentorship! Click here to see the trailer.

I’m a fan, how can I get involved with Bulldog Power?

We love all of our fans! Email us at info@bulldogpower.co.uk to find out about how you can get involved!

What does Bulldog Power do for the Community?

Bulldog is all about getting involved with and bettering our community. He is constantly getting involved with good causes at the grass roots level. Click here to find information about our National Community Engagement Programme.

If you have any ideas of communities that you would like Bulldog to get involved with to promote good causes, email us at info@bulldogpower.co.uk