Our Underdogs

Darshan – Dancer

Fun fact: is a poet but you wouldn’t know it

I got into Street dance growing up because I was always into music and felt there needed to be a way for me to paint what I see visually when I hear certain sounds, it was really hard where to start and was easily misunderstood. I met a lot of people who inspired and enlightened me into the styles of street from House, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking and Breakin. Popping became my main style with influences ranging from (UK) Mechanikool, Shawn, Jutsu to (US) Playboy Stix, Madd Chadd and Boogie Frantick. These mentors alongside a lot more have allowed me to understand the history of where these styles have come from, who was around when it started and how to train the art form. I still have yet a lot more people to meet, a lot more classes to go to and party, dance and get down all across the world!

Johnny Diggle – Saxophonist

Fun fact: I hang out with some of best jazz musicians from around the world.

I’m Johnny Diggle, a versatile performer, passionate saxophonist, and producer. You can hear me blowing all over the streets of London, Beds, Herts, Essex and up and down the UK, just doing my bit to bring the heart of any community to life!

I have nearly 20 years experience, and I am classically trained in music theory and the clarinet under the strong influence of my mother, who also is a musician.  In order to play with a cello-like density of my longtime inspiration, John Coltrane, I moved on to the Tenor sax at age 13 and played in jazz bands in secondary school before dropping out of the sixth form to move to London.

Basia – Singer

Fun fact: I have a cat!

Hey, I’m Basia a singer and fitness lover. I have been professionally for about 9/10 years and have been lucky enough to experience a variety of venues and events that range from underground clubs to the Royal Albert Hall. I’m a woman of the world and love every creature in it, I love music you’ve probably never heard of or can pronounce. The universe is my best friend… oh and I have a cat!

LamZie Boy – Rapper

Fun fact: I’m the CEO of Out For Everything (OFEbrand).

I found my love for music at a young age growing up and listening to an assortment of different genres including “old skool” reggae and dancehall, roots and culture, 90s RnB and early 2000s Grime. I started practicing writing in 2011 after being excluded from college, then started taking music more seriously and studied music again in 2013, where I learned a lot of performance techniques and developed his artistic ability further. I’ve performed in various venues around the UK, and I have met various industry professionals and respected musicians I grew up listening to. I’m currently releasing music independently and performs where he can whilst studying a popular music degree and working weekends. 

Valentina – Singer

Fun fact: I used to play left back in a football team!

I’m a South London born & raised singer/songwriter who started my music career with a girl group (RTI), when we entered the X FACTOR. A few years later I joined another fresh pop girl group called VIDA. VIDA generated a buzz and we went on the JLS 4th Dimension UK Arena tour, crazy right. In 2017 I decided it was time to get back in the game & focus on developing my artistry. Now working on my solo career, I’ve created a lane for myself being a captivating, soul-grabbing future icon in the making, with a distinctive commercial Pop/R&B/soulful voice with a fusion of Trap/ Hip-Hop. I off starting 2018 with a bang, being a recent contestant on the BBC1 primetime TV show ‘All Together Now’. 

Nick Aslam – Singer

Fun fact: I’m scared of cotton wool

I’m a product of the council estates and streets in Burton on Trent who in this last year has been injected by the press as one of the UK’s best new singer-songwriters. My quest into the music industry has been welcomed with enormous support from the BBC & local radio stations across the nation.

My journeys spanned about 4 years,  and my sound continues to grow and develop. I’m immensely inspired by the deep dark murky back streets of my hometown and the romance and magic of cities! Whether I’m a solo acoustic artist or playing with my band, I create catchy lyrics that don’t just tell a story, they make you remember the things you thought you had forgotten.


Jim Fox – Beatboxer

Fun fact: I was beatboxing before I knew what it was… I was a very noisy & annoying child

More bass than brains, more beats than a boxer!

I’m Jim Fox AKA BeatFox, a born and bred Londoner who has dedicated his life to spreading his unique vocals and sharp crisp sounds globally. I’m on a mission to create a new sound and visual experiences through touching the audiences’ senses directly. I believe there are very few things more powerful than the human voice!   

Nehanda – Singer

 Fun fact: Ended up in A & E because a spider set up home in my ear!

I’m Nehanda from Birmingham, my background is in acoustic singing… however I’ve now turned my hand to songwriting and rap! My powerful vocals and natural ability to flow makes me a dangerous combination. I’m a strong female with a message worth listening to whos ready to take the world by storm.

Thundizzle – Rapper

Fun fact: I’m an ex-dancer who appeared on some talent shows

My name is Daryl “Thundizzle” Small a producer-rapper raised in South East London, UK. Growing up in London has it’s hurdles and struggles as well as it’s great and bad times, this has influenced my music heavily delivering punchy lyrical content with a London delivery and a complex flow. I have produced for many local artists and currently host an online YouTube vlog called “2 Thumbs up/2TUTV” slowly building my own empire. My production brings a fusion of creativity, rawness, and power that provides a fresh new sound and gives you a feel of 1990/2000 era of music. 2015 I created a duo mixtape with artist Su-Real titled “Tag” producing the majority of the tracks. Our track “Nubian Queen” was played by DJ Timeless on OnTop FM and received high praise from the So-Solid DJ. Grind over matter is my most recent solo mixtape that is available on Datpiff, 24/7 Mixtapes and Bandcamp, DJ JSG from Pulse88 radio have played my first track released of the tape “Is that a problem” multiple times on his Mix & Blend show. Currently, I am performing at shows and open mic events aiming to push my music and talents out to the world!

Hannah Ellison – Singer

Fun fact: I’m a published children’s poet

I’m Hannah, I’m a 24 year old english literature graduate living in London, currently trying to be a singer /photographer / journalist. I studied contemporary music at the Academy of Contemporary Music for a year before deciding to go to Sussex University in Brighton, but I still try to songwrite and perform as much as possible.

Shyam Joshi – Magician

Fun fact: Hate Tomatoes but LOVE Ketchup

I’m SJ, 24 years old from North London. My journey started when I was 10 years old, at first it was just for fun, which got me into a bit of trouble at school. However, my teachers then saw my passion behind the art and encouraged me to pursue my dreams of magic and entertainment. Magic saved me, it allowed me to showcase and develop the skills to bring smiles to peoples faces. Seeing people’s reactions always motivated me to continue. I never imagined that picking up a deck of cards 14 years ago would have lead me to this. In 2016 I proudly became a full member of The Magic Circle. It is my greatest achievement to date.

I can’t wait to see where this journey in magic leads…

Ru – Singer

Fun fact: I’m a huge Arsenal fan, and I play in a boys football team!

At the age of 13 I taught myself to play guitar, The legend that its my mum, says I used to sing to the birds in my crib before I could even talk. So at the age of 13 I taught myself to play guitar, and from grew into becoming a independent pop/soul multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter. I released a single “Summer Blaze” that was released in 2015 and received worldwide radio airplay including UK radio Stations such as BBC Devon and BBC Manchester, GBC TV/radio station, Adelaide Radio station, Australia, Seabreeze Radio station Florida (crazy I know).

Sam Madden – Football Freestyler

Fun fact:  I’m an Arsenal fan.. But I love Eden Hazard

I’m a 22-year-old from Northern Ireland. I’ve been training a football freestyler for nearly 3 years now, and normally I practice about 3 or 4 times per week. Most of my summers are spent in Spain coaching football, but this year I’m taking on a new challenge – travel around Europe as a street performer. My biggest inspiration for learning this sport is the ability to put on a show, and I have a lot of admiration for street artist of any kind.

Sam Madden
Football Freestyler

Amy G – Singer

Fun fact:  If I’m ever craving food… gravy peas and corn in a bowl is the one!

I have been singing professionally for the past two years gaining copious experience as a vocalist and as a performer. My love for music has been there from a young age but my career excelled when I began to train in London and The Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance. Each weekend I am typically fully booked entertaining crowds with my own music or some flavoursome covers for events at holiday parks and private parties. One of my latest achievement was on the 15th July 2017 at Bass Festival, where I had the opportunity to perform my debut single ‘To thousands of ravers’. I am an enthusiastic young individual that has many musical pathways to choose from and is determined to claim all.

Alex Swerv – Dancer

Fun fact:  I love the colour blue

My name is Alex Walker otherwise known as SWERV. I am a professional dancer & choreographer, as well as an aspiring creative director. In specific, I specialise in Hip Hop and Acrobatics. Currently, I am 23 years old and I see myself as a very creative individual. For the last 8 years, I have spent in becoming the well versatile performer that you see in front of you today. I have trained with some of the UK’s top colleges as well as various practitioners, in classical & non-classical styles.

Lewis Watts – Football Freestyler

Fun fact: Cereal at midnight is the best thing ever

My name is Lewis Watts, I’m 17 years old and I’m from London. I am in the top 12 Freestylers and Panna players in the UK & Ireland. I’ve been freestyling for about a year and a half, whilst I’m aspiring to be a videographer. I’m on the New Balances global Blackout Squad; there are only 60 of us worldwide, and I’m also on the Kitbag FC team which only contains 11 of us.

Lewis Watts
Football Freestyler

Big Jest – Rapper

Fun fact: Dizzie Rascal got me into making music

I’m 22-year-old independent recording artist from Mitcham, south west London. I’ve been recording music since I was 15 years old. In that time I’ve worked with artists such as Lady Leshurr, Ghetts, Scorcher, Benny Banks and many more accumulating over a million YouTube views and half a million SoundCloud plays. My sound can vary between Grime and Rap, also having songs with influences from dancehall and afrobeats (“Afroswing”).

Luis Mosquera – Beatboxer

Fun fact: I’m a barman and I can flair with bottles

My name is Luis Mosquera (Bass Ventura) a beatboxer, rapper and singer from Warrington! I have beatboxed properly for around 4 years performing in the UK and on international stages. I also do promotional work and teach beatbox over the Internet and I am a tag team semi-finalist at both UK beatbox championships and at the WBC Kraków 2017 (under the name of Ultragrade). My main goal in life is simply just to live it! I am a very humble laidback guy who’s always up for collaborations with other artists whether there musical or not!

Laura Harrison – Dancer

Fun fact: I used to eat chocolate with rice.

I’m Laura, I’m from Hong Kong and I started dancing when I was put in ballet classes when I was about 4. I didn’t enjoy it too much, but when I was introduced to hip-hop in secondary school I fell in love, and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since. I enjoy hip hop and contemporary dancing; it is the best way for me to express myself in a way words can’t. I moved to the UK in 2012 for school, and in university, I competed in competitions such as Loughborough and Go Hard or Go Home. I am currently a member of The Archetype, a hip-hop dance crew based in London, and we recently won World Of Dance UK 2017. My dance inspirations are Brian Friedman, Diana Matos and my dance teacher from Hong Kong.

Deuxes – Band

Fun fact: Martina & Francesa most of the time wear red or blue 

Deuxes are a soul/indie rock duo of sisters from London. Their sound could be described as a mixture of bold basslines and soulful harmonies with influences from Motown to modern rock. The girls are currently playing shows around London whilst working on an Ep set for release later this year. 

Arieleno – Singer

Fun fact: I can hold my breath for 4 minutes 21 seconds

I’m a singer-songwriter from South East London! I graduated from Brits school and Goldsmiths Universtiy, I love everything about music from the creative side to the business side. I started my own indie label in August 2017, so I’m well on the way to becoming the singing UK version of Jay-Z & P.Diddy.

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